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The Machtotz  Association for the Protection of Western Armenian in Paris created a Language School using the WESTERN ARMENIAN HANDBOOK FOR NON-ARMENIAN SPEAKERS of  Dr Hilda KLalfayan-Panossian. This Handbook hase been also used in Marseilles, in Aleppo and in Canada. It is a teaching  set consisting of three books and two CDs :


1 TheBook of Tales (oral language)

2-The Book of Reading-Writing

3-The Book of Drills

4-Two CDs.


The structural global audio visual approach is applied in the Handbook, including basic vocabulary composed by the most frequently used words and a grammatical progression. In case of collective teaching 50  hours are required for one to speak and to read or to write using 1000 grammatical words. Until now near 3000 non-Armenian speakers learnt Armenian.


Considering the success by applying this process, the Machtotz Association decided to publish on the net an open interactive version of the Handbook : anyone  will have anywhere a free access in order to learn Armenian language.


The Machtotz Association  is also promoting cultural events for the development and the expansion of the Western Armenian language.

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