Lesson 6a

— The bird came from the mountains and brought a bough (from the trees). 


— Where did Ani's bird come from ?

- Ani's bird came from the mountains and brought a bough to Ani. Ani was very happy and said "Thank you" to the bird. Ani's mummy called the bird. "Bird ! Eat some bread" ! — "Thank you, Madam" the bird said. It ate some bread, said "Good-bye" and left. After lunch, Aram and Ani made a drawing. The pencil fell from Ani's hand. Aram took the pencil and drew an eagle on the paper. 


INTERROGATIVE  WORDS( Adjectivs,Pronouns,Adverbs)



Ո՞ւր :  Where      / Ուրկէ՞ :  from where ? (Adverb of place)  



Imperative is only used in the second person, singular and plural.

  1. For the regular verbs of the 1st and 2nd groups (ել, իլ ), the imperative singular is formed  by : Root + է'   . Ex. - խօսէ',  գրէ՛, պատմէ՛, քալէ՛.

Exceptions :  the imperative singular of the verb Բերել (To bring) is Բե՛ր  / առնել  (To take) is  ա՛ռ :




 ու = եւ (and)




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