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The MACHTOTZ Association (Paris) was created in 1993 to safeguard and to widespread the Western Armenian. It is using the «WESTERN ARMENIAN HANDBOOK FOR NON-ARMENIAN SPEAKERS» from Dr. Hilda Kalfayan- Panossian for teaching basic Armenian to students from 8 to 80 years old.

The «Handbook» is applying a modern approach: the audio-visual method based on the frequency of words and grammatical rules used in conversation and a life-like practice stimulated by structural drills. It is a teaching set consisting of :
1- The Book of Tales, meant to teach the oral language,
2- The Book of Drills, with specific lexicon,
3- The Book of Reading - Writing,
4.- Two CD.s.
5.- The labels for manipulations, corresponding to each other element (word, prefix, suffix, declination, conjugation)

-Adults working alone (without a teacher), who will proceed in the manner explained in the Book of Tales for oral expression and in the Book of Reading-Writing for written expression. In case of collective teaching, 50 hours are required for one to speak and to read or to write using 1000 grammatical words. Until now more than 3000 non-Armenian speakers learned Armenian. This method was used in Paris, in Marseille, in Aleppo, in Canada, and USA.
Considering this success, the MACHTOTZ association decided to publish on the net an open interactive version of the «Handbook»: anyone anywhere will have free access at any time in order to learn the Armenian language.

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