Lesson 1b

— I am Aram. 


— Here are Ani and her kid (young goat).

— I am Ani.

— I am her kid. 


Aram : Oh ! A kid !... Whose kid is this ? Is he your kid ?

Ani : Yes, he is my kid. Kid ! Kid ! Here is Aram.

The kid : Who is Aram ?

Ani : Aram is my friend.

The kid : Is he your friend ?

Ani : Yes , he is my friend.

Aram : Yes, I am Aram and I am her friend and you are her kid. 


Ես, դուն, ան - Personal Pronouns  (Singular) – I (me), you, hi (shi, it) 

Եմ, ես, է –  Verb To Be, Indicative Present tense, Singular - I am, you are, hi (shi, it) is. (See more - 11)        

Որո՞ւն - Interrogative word- Whose ?

ը - Use of the Definite Article - Իր մայրիկը  

մը- Indefinite Article - a, an – Ex : Շուն մը  (a dog)

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