Lesson 4a

The hind is drinking the water of the lake. 


Crane : Children, come ! Let us play together !

Ani : Come ! Let us talk together !

Crocodile : No, come, let us swim in the lake !

Aram : Ani, look ! The hind is drinking the water of the lake.

Ani : Is the water of the lake warm ?

Aram : No, the wafer is cold and salty.

Ani : 0 ! Don't drink salty water and don't swim in cold water !

Aram : Yes, I swim in summer. The water of the lake is warm in summer.

Ani : I go home, I eat cherries. Come and eat, as well ! 



Լիճին ջուրը – Declension, Case of Genitive in ''ի''The water of the lake (See more - 27)

Խաղանք, լողանք, խօսինք - Various Verbs, Subjunctive – Let us play, let us swim (See more - 31)

Մի՛ խմեր, մի՛ լողար -Prohibitive  Singular- (Impérative négative form)- Don’t drink !


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