Lesson 4b

Aram's red hat falls into the waters of the river.  


It is spring. It is green everywhere.

The rooster sings : "Cock-a-doodle-do !" Birds sing merrily. There are geese in the waters of the lake. The geese swim quickly. Aram plays the balloon with the animals. Aram's hat is red and his balloon is yellow.

Aram's red hat falls into the river, into the waters of the river.

— Ani, are we going down-town to buy books ?

— You, go ahead. I shall come later. Now, I cannot.




Ջուրերուն մէջ կ՛իյնայFalls Into the waters (See more - 22)

Չեմ կրնար -Verb  To be Able (Կարենալ), Indic.Present tense, negative form- I can’t


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