Lesson 6b

- We brought wood from the forest.

- I am going to prepare some soup.


Bear: Hello, dear Ani. Come, let us dance together.

Ani: No, I am now going to prepare some soup for my grandpa. You, go and dance with the monkeys.

Bear: Where are the monkeys?

Ani: They are over there. They are talking to the elephant.

Monkey and elephant: No, we are working. Look! We have brought wood from the forest.

Ani: Bravo, my nice elephant. Open your mouth, drink some soup.

Elephant: But I don't like soup ...

Ani: Oh! Sorry! I forgot. The soup is for my grandpa.

Պիտի պատրաստեմ - Future tense – I shall prepare (See more - 35)

Անտառէն- Ablative case, Singular-  From the forest (See more - 25)

Ներողութիւն – Sorry !

Մոռցայ – I forgot



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