Lesson 7a

— I shall go to Armenia tomorrow and I shall speak Armenian there. 


Ani : Aram, in summer, I shall go to Armenia. I shall speak Armenian there.

Aram : How will you go to Armenia ?

Ani : I shall go by plane. And you, what will you do in summer ?

Aram : I shall stay in France and I shall go up the Eiffel Tower with a lift (U. S. : an elevator) and I shall play football on Sundays with my father. Good-bye. 


One eats with one's mouth, breathes with one's nose,

one looks with one's eyes, one ears with one's ears,

one walks with one's feet, one takes with one's hands. 

Ինչո՞վ – Interrogative word – Instrumental case – What with ? (See more - 07)

Օդանաւով –  Instrumental case , Singular– By plane

Վրայ - Posposition –  On, upon, over






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