Lesson 7b

— Noah's Ark is on the Ararat. 


Aram : Hello ! Mummy, Aram speaking. How are you ?

Mummy : I am fine, my boy. And you, what do you do ? Do tell me.

Aram : I walk in Erevan. Mummy, Armenia is a beautiful country. In the morning, I go to the Armenian school and I learn Armenian. Yesterday, we finished the alphabet. Then Mr. Haig told us the story of Patriarch Noah. Noah's Ark is on the Ararat. The Ararat is marvellous. Good-bye, Mummy. Stay healthy ! I kiss you.

Mummy : Good-bye, my boy. Good luck ! 


Ինչպէ՞ս - Interrogative word – How ?

Հայկական – Adjective - Armenian  

Հայերէն –  The Armenian language.

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